EBS Trade Show Sourcing Workshop For Amazon Sellers

Attention: All Fulfillment by Amazon Sellers…

“Were You Interested In Our Sourcing China System But It Was Just A Little Out Of Your Price Range?

Well, Here’s Your Chance To Get One Of Our Very Best Training Programs For A Fraction Of The Cost…

With Our 'Trade Show Sourcing Workshop for Amazon Sellers' You'll Gain All The Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Walk the Tradeshow Floors and Write Up Purchase Orders For Hot In-Demand Products To Sell on Amazon”

Discover How You Can Become an Amazon Sourcing Pro at the Biggest Trade Shows in the U.S. – and Avoid All the Costly Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Newbies


From: Ann Sieg, Moderator for ASD Source Direct
and Director of the Ecommerce Business School

Dear Amazon Seller,

Do you know deep in your bones that NOW is the time to develop your business on Amazon?

But, are you unsure about how to make Amazon work for you... and nervous about purchasing products that will actually sell and make you money?

If so, I encourage you to read on...

Because this letter will show you an easy way to get the training you need... to not only know the ins and outs of Amazon, but also work with wholesalers and make confident sourcing purchases... even if you are brand new to Amazon!

We've already helped people from all walks of life – including a pharmacist, general practitioner, real estate broker, hobby farm owner, police officer, psychologist... retail managers, electrical engineers, surgeons, accountants, fitness instructors, retirees... and many others...

And we can help you too... no matter what your background!

How an Ordinary Mom of Three Boys Ended Up Training Others How to Make a Living in E-Commerce

Ann Sieg Training On Amazon Ecommerce

My name is Ann Sieg, and I began my journey doing business online about 16 years ago. It all started by helping my son sell 'Lord of the Rings' swords (of all things) on Ebay!

My son and I worked well together, and in the next few years we got involved in other businesses too... all of which we developed online.

Once a decade went by, we had sold over $20,000,000 in online and physical products. And, we created an in-depth training community that includes an online back office training system and face-to-face training workshops.

Through our programs, we've helped over 400,000 people worldwide build a business from the comfort of their own home.

Ann Sieg Dean Of Ecommerce Business School Training

In October 2013, I began to focus on the world of e-commerce. Many in our community got involved here as well... and they had great success because of the training they already received from us.

This led us to host several live event workshops... to teach all our interested members how to make money through the two largest e-commerce sites in the U.S. – eBay and Amazon.

During 2014, we started to turn our attention exclusively to Amazon. As we saw the growth of Amazon's stats – as well as their third party selling platform – we knew this was the place to be!

So, we got ourselves really busy and delivered 17 workshops with the help of our own Certified Trainers...

And we even included a sourcing trip to China!

Ann Sieg China Sourcing Ecommerce Business School Experience

Having a share in the growth of Amazon over the last few years has been incredibly exciting...

But most gratifying has been the success experienced by so many of our members...

People who struggled for years to make even a dollar online are quickly making several thousands of dollars in sales... and that's just the beginning.

Kaye, A Student Descripts Ecommerce Training

Ann Sieg Meets ASD

Thanks to the all the success we were having with our e-commerce training, I was able to meet Linh Vu, the Marketing Director of ASD Source Direct.

The first contact we had went great... and when I shared with her what we had developed through our training system and workshop series, she was immediately interested... and soon we invited Linh out to one of our 3 Day Sourcing Intensives.

Linh Vu At Ecommerce Business School 3 Day Sourcing

While Linh was with us, she had the chance to experience our training first hand. And she knew that the kind of training we offered would benefit those who visit the ASD Trade Show... particularly the growing number who are doing business on Amazon. So, we began talking about how we could create a workshop specifically designed to help Amazon Sellers attending ASD.

Eventually, my team of trainers and I met Linh and Camille Candella, the VP of ASD Source Direct and we came to an agreement to provide a 2 Day Workshop to the members of ASD which was held July 31st – August 3rd.

We’re thrilled about the partnership… and we look forward to helping as many people as possible as they seek to successfully source products for their FBA business at trade shows like ASD.

Finally, Training that Helps Amazon Sellers Know How to Work with Wholesalers and Purchase from an Endless Supply of Products at Trade Shows... So They Can Scale their Business for Maximum Profits

It doesn't take long as an Amazon Seller to discover that the key to a growing Amazon business is to have a constant supply of quality products you can sell at a profit.

That's easy enough to understand... but it's hard to accomplish if you're depending on picking up items in your local community to sell... because even if you find some great items, once they're gone, they're gone... nowhere to be found again.

And that's where sourcing your Amazon business through trade shows – like ASD – comes in...

Ann At ASD Training

At trade shows you can find an endless supply of quality products to sell at a profit...

AND, they're replenishable... which means you can reorder hot selling items... so you can make money from them over and over again!

Sounds terrific, doesn't it?

The only problem is... buying at a trade show can be a little daunting...

After all, trade shows are often huge...

And... as many anxious Amazon Sellers think...

… How do you approach wholesalers without feeling intimidated... or even foolish? ...How do you know what products you should buy... and how many of them? ...And, how can you have any confidence at all that you are making good buying decisions?...Isn't buying for your Amazon business at trade shows risky? It all seems so overwhelming...

Indeed, making purchases at a trade show – especially the size of ASD – can seem overwhelming...

But the good news is, it doesn't have to... and that's why we’re making the video recordings of our 2 Day “Trade Show Sourcing Workshop for Amazon Sellers” available to those who couldn’t attend in person.

The 'Trade Show Sourcing Workshop for Amazon Sellers' Will Provide You What You Need to Make Purchases at Tradeshows with Confidence For Your Amazon Business

We’ve put together a very comprehensive program... revealing all you need to know to start buying quality, replenishable products that you can sell on Amazon – at great profit margins.

The program includes:

  • Recordings of our Special Pre-Event Training Webinars
  • High Quality Recordings of Our Full 2 Day Tradeshow Workshop
  • A Generous Amount of Support Documents You Can Use in Your Ongoing Trade Show Sourcing Efforts

With this training, you'll be equipped to conduct business at tradeshows like a professional...

You'll learn how to avoid the duds and pick the winners... so you won't get stuck with an inventory of products you can't sell... and instead see the dollars build up in your bank account... as a reward for your investment in this training workshop.

I'm certain of it... because of the quality of our trainers, Brian Cumming and Josie Shephard!

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 Brian Cumming and Josie Shephard Expert E-Commerce Trainers

Brian and Josie are both experienced, highly regarded trainers in our community. Together, they have attended over 12 different trade shows... and several of them multiple times.

They each have their own unique expertise, too, which makes their training all the more valuable...

Josie is a specialist at arranging product exclusives with manufacturers and wholesalers.

Knowing how to do this yourself can give you an incredible competitive advantage... and it's not hard to pull off either – once you get how to do it.

I know because Josie helped me arrange my own first exclusive deal only three weeks into the business!

Brian, on the other hand, loves liquidations and has this specialty down pat. He knows when to show up, how to structure the deals, and make big product acquisitions.

Some of these acquisitions can net from 300% to 1000% ROI!

Handling liquidation sales can be an important part of your own sourcing strategy, too... and it's something we'll cover at the workshop... so you'll know how to minimize your risks and maximize the amount of money you can bring into your FBA business.

Oh... and something else I should stress about Brian and Josie: what they teach is not just theory to them... as they both have successful Amazon businesses of their own.

In fact, their own success in business is at the foundation of their training.

Here's a couple quick examples to show you they know what they're doing...

Josie has enjoyed over $50K in monthly sales from just one exclusive deal she set up with a trade show vendor.

And Brian paid $5,612.50 for one lot of products at an ASD liquidation sale that yielded over $89K from this single purchase!

Now, wouldn't you like to know how to do that?

Well... at the workshop, Brian and Josie shared the exact strategies they've used to accomplish these kinds of results.

And that's really saying something... because...

There are some people who know how to get results... but can't show others how to do it...

And there are others who might be able to teach, but don't have the results to back up what they're sharing...

Yet, Brian and Josie have both... a track record as Amazon sellers AND the ability to communicate how others can enjoy the same kind of results they have.

To be instructed by these two – and acquire the wisdom you need from their experience as successful FBA sellers and trainers – is, in my view, a privilege you definitely don't want to miss .

What You Can Expect From Our Workshop Recordings…

In order to help people prepare for our workshop, we gave them a pre-event training webinar so that their tradeshow experience was as smooth and successful as possible.

You’ll get access to this webinar as well where we cover:

  • Travel preparation secrets that will spare you grief (includes details like 'where to park')
  • Questions about the registration process
  • Tips on how to use the ASD Smartphone app and show planner... so you can make the most efficient use of your time at Market Week
  • The one thing you MUST do for vendors to even speak with you (this is absolutely critical)
  • How to set ASD trade show goals... that are right for you
  • The 3 sourcing models at ASD (and how to determine the primary model you should follow)
  • An EASY product sourcing strategy... that will keep you from wandering aimlessly through the convention hall... and squandering your ASD purchasing budget
  • The simple research you should do... BEFORE you arrive at ASD
  • Why researching Best Sellers and familiarizing yourself with them is so vital to your success
  • A personalized product strategy that will give you the edge over your competition
  • New to ASD? We'll provide you with our best recommendations to keep you from feeling overwhelmed
  • PLUS... essential handouts, including our “Business Credential Checklist.”

This webinar will help you get a better idea of how to prepare for any tradeshow you attend, so you'll be ready to focus on how you can best grow your Amazon business while you're there!

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Who is Ann Sieg?

Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg has been dubbed “The Godmother of Attraction Marketing” for her pioneering work on how to get new customers and prospects to come to you.

Ann has had an impact on tens of thousands of people – from beginning entrepreneurs to CEOs – through her groundbreaking coaching and training programs. Her reports have been read by over 400,000 people worldwide and she has helped many people achieve 6, 7 and even 8 figure incomes.

Since focusing on e-commerce, Ann has developed multiple training courses, membership programs and workshops to help meet her student’s needs at every level possible. Ann and her team deliver dozens of live, hands-on workshops every year across the country, as well as trips to China and the Canton Fair – the largest trade show in the world.

But what makes Ann’s training especially unique is the huge emphasis on a 'help-and-be-helped' community that includes many private Facebook group support pages, high level accountability and tracking systems to gauge business activities and results, and a strong emphasis on leadership development that has groomed a team of consultants, coaches and trainers over the years.

Recorded Workshop Sessions:

  • Understanding the Amazon Marketplace
  • How Do I Know if I'll Make Money? (Existing Products)
  • Amazon Essentials You Can't Do Without
  • How Do I Know if I'll Make Money? (New Products)
  • Sourcing Liquidation Sales
  • The 'Private Label' Model of Sourcing
  • Importing Products
  • Evaluating Large Purchases
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Meet The Trainers...

Brian Cummings
Brian, a certified neuromuscular therapist, got his start on eBay eight years ago buying stuff at garage sales. His big breakthrough came as a result of selling books on Amazon generating 250K in sales per year with 60% profit margins. He paid off $60K in debt and bought a new home and Mercedes Benz RV.

Brian is a crowd favorite because of his ability to draw from his thirty years plus of small business ownership to provide the entire thought process behind a successful e-commerce business. He has coached and advised other entrepreneurs in both their online and local retail and service businesses. Brian is also the co-creator of his exclusive Book Flipping Profit System. Brian has been selling on Amazon for eight years and seven years as a FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller.

Dr. Josie Shepard

Josie retired from working as a clinical psychologist and started selling on Amazon in 2012. Her gross revenue in the first 10 months was $137K (what a surprise!) and over $400K in the next year (this Amazon stuff really works!). Now she isn’t telling anymore!

Josie multi-tasks at her personal Amazon business, her packing and shipping business exclusively for Amazon sellers (PrepItPackItShipIt.com), Amazon account management business, and teaches others how to build successful Amazon businesses. Our members especially appreciate Josie’s close eye on what Amazon requires of their sellers. This is important as you build a long term business relationship with Amazon.

Ecommerce Business School

Our Mission: To help sellers in the e-commerce space establish relationships with wholesalers, make wise purchasing decisions, and scale their businesses using the e-commerce platform of their choice through our practical workshops, state-of-the-art online training system, and highly relational E-Commerce Business School community.

Our Values

  • We believe in respecting the experience and intelligence of our students.
  • We believe a strong work ethic can overcome deficiencies in technological know-how.
  • We believe in keeping our students up-to-date with changes in the marketplace.
  • We believe in the importance of integrity and due diligence as a way of preserving and growing one's capital.
  • We believe the best training is systematic, organized, and thorough... while remaining personal.
  • We believe learning is maximized in a community of those who share our goals.
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"Invaluable training to help us learn the process...
we placed an order for 48 pieces..."
Scott Wright
Tustin, CA
"We learned a lot about how to talk to vendors..."

Daniel & Ericarmen Mililli
Lake Elsinore, CA
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Learning 'The Amazon Way' for Greater Business Success

Throughout the recordings of the Trade Show Sourcing Workshop we'll be showing you how to make smart buying decisions while you are at ASD and other tradeshows.

An essential part of this is knowing the 'best practices' for dealing with Amazon in your own FBA business...

Think about it:

Wouldn't it be awful to make a large purchase order of seemingly hot items only to find out later they are on Amazon's restricted list or require excessive storage fees?

That's why you need to know The Amazon Way... and we're going to show it to you...

Here's a sample of the kind of things you'll know just in Day 1 of the recordings...

  • Our “5 Pillar System” for selecting winning products... ideal for both new trade show attendees and veterans who want a system for selecting the right products for Amazon
  • The top fear shared by Amazon Sellers sourcing products at ASD... and how to overcome it
  • 3 ways to assess what's in demand
  • The common myth about product reviews... you'll be relieved when you hear it!
  • The types of products you should avoid buying and selling
  • The 2 things to look for in products that sell – get these two things down and you'll get way faster at evaluating products
  • Why the size of the products you choose matters... knowing the reasons can help you increase your bottom line every single month
  • Avoid costly mistakes by knowing when you should figure out the net profit of a product
  • How to evaluate the differences between new products and existing products... and why it matters when it comes to how well your products sell
  • How to determine if you can get Amazon's coveted “buy box” for your products... this is key for selecting winning products and making your profits soar
  • How to evaluate the quality of a product... so you can achieve maximum customer satisfaction and ratings
  • The BIGGEST challenge facing Amazon Sellers... and the solution available to you at ASD
  • The 3 ways to acquire replenishable products... to keep your business growing month after month
  • Do you know the best Amazon categories to sell in? We'll reveal them to you
  • How to gain access to “gated categories” --- so you can broaden your sales platform and increase your revenue... and sell the kind of products you want to sell most
  • HAZMAT! Essential information about how to handle hazardous material issues with your products... so you can avoid costly surprises
  • Do you know the type of items you CANNOT sell on Amazon? We'll reveal six different categories of restricted products... so you don't get stuck with products you are forbidden to sell
  • The 3 factors that you need to take into account when pricing your products
  • A quick and easy formula you can use on your feet to determine if a product is profitable
  • How to make BIG profits by planning ahead for seasons of the year
  • ALSO: What you need to know about Amazon storage fees... so your profits don't get nibbled away... AND, how to use the FBA Revenue Calculator... with this info you'll have what you need to estimate your profits with accuracy

The sessions covering Amazon will be jam packed with information you must have to minimize your risk and maximize your profits as an Amazon Seller.

If you've already been selling on Amazon, you'll gain tips that will have you saying, “I wish I knew that a long time ago.”

… Just learning how to get the most out of the FBA Revenue Calculator alone will be worth the price of the recordings!

And... if you're new to Amazon, this information will have you doing things the right way from the very start.

Remember, FBA has some huge advantages for you as an Amazon seller...

Most notably there are all the advantages that go along with having an Amazon store and shipping your products... But to truly profit from these advantages, you MUST know the details of how Amazon's system works.

You'll get those details during our time together.

How to Select Profitable Products

What tends to overwhelm people at trade shows is the thought of having to decide which products to purchase in the midst of such a multitude of choices.

But this sense of overwhelm is avoided when you focus on the buying strategy right for you... and know how to evaluate products.

The workshop recordings will give you the tools to do this... and when you use them, making purchasing decisions goes from being stressful to being fun and exciting... as you think about the profits that await you!

So you can experience this yourself, we'll cover essentials like:

  • The basic question you must be able to answer BEFORE you purchase products you are considering
  • How to analyze multiple product options... so you can stretch out your buying budget and make the most profitable buying decisions
  • A simple formula for figuring if a product will make you a profit... we'll walk you through this and provide you with our Amazon Product Profit Worksheet... to assure you get this critical skill MASTERED
  • How to estimate how much of any given product you will sell in a month... this is ideal for forecasting your income and planning product purchases
  • How understanding boring concepts like ROI, BSR, and Turn Rate can make you rich... Once you grasp what a difference these terms can make to your bottom line, they'll no longer make your eyes glaze over
  • The 2 indispensable things you must know to determine if a product is worth buying
  • A super simple and unforgettable way to minimize returns
  • “Profit Metrics” that will reveal things like... how many times you need to sell a given product to double your money
  • How to compete with suppliers selling directly on Amazon – and win!
  • The top resources for product searches... and when to use each one
  • How to use the Amazon Revenue Calculator... for products not on Amazon
  • A step-by-step process for evaluating products new to Amazon... we'll give you our 19-point Amazon Product Viability Test and show you how to use it... so you can evaluate any new offerings that interest you
  • Discover how you can quickly assess the demand for your product idea
  • Simple strategies for raising the value of your products
  • Why you want to study experienced sellers on Amazon... and the traits that will help you identify them

What People Are Saying About Ann Sieg's Workshops...

Ecommerce Business School

"I went to my first event with Ann in 2014 and just couldn't believe the information I got out of it... I haven't missed a training since!"
Leslie Hamilton
“I don't know how people do it without some outside training. And by doing it with Ann, you not only get the support of all her staff, but the support of an entire community.
Sandy Scherff
“The trainers are very committed... and I know their instruction will keep me from making costly mistakes.”
Shelley Miahara
"What I have learned about Ann and her programs, and the phenomenal trainers she brings in, is these aren't people who talk a good work... these are people who actually deliver in their own business. They are highly successful and teach the real secrets... the real blueprints. Nothing's hidden. Everything is transparent... this is what you do step-by-step... and if you follow these steps, you too will be successful. And that's exactly what I've done. And it's what sets her training apart from so many other trainings out there... If you pay attention and do the work the way it's laid out, you'll get phenomenal results. This is the real deal!
Sue Henry
"I have never not gotten a complete return and then some on anything I've invested in and any of the programs I've attended with Ann Sieg. There's never been a regret. Absolutely. It's totally paid for itself umpteen times.”
Sarah Soutas
“I walked away from the event with over a dozen electronic resources to use in my business. This workshop is absolutely priceless.”
Sharon Irwin
“You need to get to this workshop! The face-to-face contact is not something you can duplicate...”
Kellie Skinner
"I have yet to find an Ann Sieg workshop that did not pay for itself....Anyone can do this... The only way to fail with it is to quit”
Kay Curtiss
“This information is gold dust, I just feel like I got the best present ever.”
Lorraine McNulty
“I love Brian's analytical mind. I wish I had it! I'm still learning so much about running a business, retail, Amazon, and inventory. It's critical for me to hear how he runs the numbers... it's not intuitive to me.”
Kari Baxter
“GREAT stuff!!! We are blown away!!! Thanks Ann!!!
Alan Clark
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"This training made me feel safe in
what I'm doing... I'm new to this..." Sarah Soutas
Buda, TX
“Without this training
I think I'd be totally lost..." Cher Bartlett
Tustin, CA
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Dealing With Wholesalers Like a Pro

Learning how to deal with wholesalers is a big part of having a successful trade show experience.

To begin with – like so much else in life – it's about developing relationships. If you keep that in mind, it will go a long way toward keeping your dealing with wholesalers headed in the right direction.

But beyond this, there are some specifics you also need to know... to help you choose the right suppliers and arrange hassle-free transactions...

Some of the specifics we'll cover to get you comfortable dealing with vendors include:

  • 5 questions to get you conversing with wholesalers... and gain valuable information for yourself as a buyer
  • Are you concerned about appearing legitimate to wholesalers? We'll give you 8 simple things to do so you can present yourself professionally in no time... and gain the confidence of those you want to do business with
  • An EASY way to practice approaching wholesalers... that you can do in the privacy of your own home
  • Proven scripts you can use to get in the door with wholesalers – you'll love this!
  • What NEVER to say to a wholesaler
  • What you MUST look for when reading the fine print of a 'Reseller Agreement'
  • Not sure what MAP, MOQ, or MSRP mean? We'll provide 'Must Know' vocabulary for dealing with wholesalers
  • Questions wholesalers will ask of YOU... they aren't hard to answer, but you do need to be prepared
  • Advantages you can offer wholesalers to make them WANT to do business with you
  • Role playing scenarios to nail down your understanding and boost your confidence when it comes to interacting with wholesalers
  • Why ASD is an excellent trade show to source your Amazon Business... whether you are just getting started or have been working Amazon for years.
  • The FIRST thing you need to be sure of before considering buying at closeouts
  • “Must ask” questions for a liquidation supplier
  • The perfect strategy you can arrange with wholesalers to protect yourself from competition – and the need to suddenly drop your price on hot items
  • The 3 kinds of liquidation sales taking place at ASD... are any of these right for you?
  • Why Wholesale Sourcing is the way to go for those who want to build a booming Amazon business
  • The one Amazon statistic that can make you rich... keeping this stat in mind will continually remind you why you are an Amazon Seller

Once you get a handle on these areas – and others we'll touch on – talking with wholesalers will become like talking to new friends.

And you'll be equipped to establish relationships that can profit you for years to come.

Creating Your Own Products and Brand

One of the best strategies for rising above the competition on Amazon is to arrange for private label products and establish your own brand.

You might think creating your own products and brand is something only available to celebrities or large corporations... but actually, savvy Amazon Sellers are using this strategy to control their products and distance themselves from their competitors... leading to much higher sales numbers.

… And you can be among them... with the guidance we'll provide at the workshop!

Here's just a sample of what will be shared:

  • The easiest way to make yourself immune to competition on Amazon
  • Why arranging a 'private label' may not be as hard as you think
  • The reasons to have your own brand... and how to develop yours
  • How to create “assets” that you can sell later... this can be a great retirement plan for yourself
  • What to do if Amazon or other sellers meddle with the listing of your unique offering... for example, replaces your pictures with their own
  • Naming products... and how your long-term goals should guide you in what you call your creations
  • How to defend your products against those who seek to infringe on your ideas and work
  • Ways to support your brand so it grows
  • What basics you need to know about trademarks, patents, and copyrights

From The Community...

Ecommerce Business School

Ecommerce Business School

Ecommerce Business School

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"We've met so many wonderful people...
I feel so blessed to be in this program."
Tim & Maia Coyle
Star, ID
"If you want to shorten your learning curve, and make the least mistakes possible, you just pair up with Ann." Kay Curtiss
Mount Airy, MD
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How to Make International Sourcing Work for You

Importing products can also be a fantastic way to source your Amazon business. And not just from China, but other countries... like Taiwan, Mexico, India, and South Korea.

For example, at ASD they have roughly 600 international vendors and you have the opportunity to talk face to face with those you're most interested in.

And we'll cover the essentials when it comes to talking with these wholesalers and making an international order yourself.

(Master Trainer Josie Shepard, in particular, will share some real insights for you... based on her experience running her own shipping business in Southern California along with her own sourcing efforts while in Thailand.)

We'll discuss topics like:

  • When it makes sense to stick with a US supplier rather than one from overseas
  • How to search for – and find – suppliers for your own private label products
  • Importing products has never been easier for individual sellers... but you need to know how to navigate the process... we'll show you the 'rules of the road' for importing products
  • 'Proforma Invoices'... and the details that must be covered BEFORE you hand over your money
  • The essential requirement of ALL products shipped to you
  • The best way to handle fees and customs
  • How to avoid products that bomb – and select those with maximum profit potential
  • And a whole lot more

Importing products used to be much more challenging than it is today...

But thanks to our Trade Show Sourcing Workshop for Amazon Sellers, international sourcing is within reach for any Amazon Seller motivated to pursue it...

Our trainers have the expertise to cover you...

If you want to take advantage of the huge opportunities that exist to source your business internationally, we'll show you how to get it done!

PLUS, There's More... FOUR Exclusive Workshop Bonuses

We are aware that many of the people who go through our training have high hopes that their Amazon business will fulfill some pretty big personal dreams...

These dreams include:

  • Providing security for the future
  • Getting in a position to quit a job (or allow a spouse to quit a job)
  • Helping to provide higher education for children (or grandchildren)
  • Traveling the world
  • Having more money to give and help others
  • And other dreams as well

We take the dreams our students have very seriously... and that's why we're so pleased to let you know of some special bonuses training that will also be available to move your success along even further...

Here are the extra bonuses that will be available to you:

BONUS #1. Our very own private Facebook Page focused entirely on our Trade Show Sourcing Workshop members ($1000 VALUE)
We know from within our very own eCommerce Masters Program what a difference it makes to be connected to a close knit community. And this exclusive Facebook page serves as a venue for all our workshop attendees to connect with fellow participants and get real time help and feedback. Providing help in a community forum is what this page is all about. The communication on this page also helps us know where there are snags and problems along the way... that we can help turn challenges into successes and victories. We’re all about optimizing every vital step for our members.

BONUS #2. Specially Recorded Training A: “How to Create An Amazon Listing that Sells” ($297 Value)

  • An inside look at the anatomy of an Amazon listing - walking you through each step, and the best way to get started
  • Writing Titles for Your Amazon Listing: How to Use The Right Keywords to Get the Hungry Buyers
  • Descriptions And Bullets That Convert Lookers Into Buyers
  • How To Make Changes To Existing Listings To Improve Sales
  • Tips and tricks for getting more traffic to your listings

BONUS #3. Specially Recorded Training B: “Product Niche Selection and Strategy” ($297)

  • The riches truly are in the niches. You’ll understand why after this specialty training
  • Tired of jumping from one Amazon category to another? We can streamline this down for you, freeing up brain space to get into a profitable and fun niche suited uniquely to you
  • We’ll show you how to sort through the multitude of niche categories to figure out which one will bring you the longest term profitability

BONUS #4. E-Commerce Business School Group Pinterest Board ($500 Value)
Reuters.com reports that “Pinterest shoppers, on average, spend nearly $170 per session.” That's significant, and we'd like our workshop members to profit from it. An ideal strategy to make this happen is for our members who have learned together to implement together through Pinterest Boards. In this way we get more traffic, and more traffic means more sales. As we encourage each other on to more product listings and sales, and to pin on Pinterest, it only boosts everyone else’s products up into the Pinterest traffic stream.

Together, these bonuses really help round out your training and resources... and they are included for everyone who signs up for the workshop.

So, to sum up...

These workshop recordings are designed to give you, as an Amazon Seller, all the tools you need to make confident purchases at ASD (and other trade shows), and successfully position your products on Amazon.

The training we provide students is comprehensive in that it covers everything necessary for an Amazon FBA Seller to begin sourcing and scaling their business through trade shows.

There are 8 formal teaching sessions, with recordings of Q&A at the end.

In addition, there is a Pre-Workshop Webinar recording, as well as Essential Documents that will help you source products for Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

And you will also receive 4 Exclusive Workshop Bonuses: the Trade Show Workshop Facebook Page, the Group Pinterest Board, and the two recorded trainings, 'How to Create an Amazon Listing that Sells' and 'Product Niche Selection and Strategy.'

Don't Miss this Opportunity to Get an Essential Education for Sourcing Your Amazon Business!

I remember well my first visit to a tradeshow. I felt like the proverbial kid in a candy store... as I knew I was surrounded by products that could launch my new Amazon business the way I dreamed.

But, as an adult, I also knew things could go horribly wrong...

I knew I could waste my plane fare and hotel charges by just wandering the showroom floor without purchasing anything... because I wasn't confident about what to buy...

Or worse... I knew I could waste even more money by choosing items that – because of my inexperience – just wouldn't sell, and end up rotting in storage somewhere...

Well... fortunately, I had the preparation I needed to make smart – and profitable – buying decisions...

And that's the very thing I want you to have through the Trade Show Sourcing Workshop for Amazon Sellers...

In fact, the leadership of ASD thought this kind of education is so important, they asked us to create this program for you... and partner together to deliver it!

Now, when you take into account all that's included, the full value of what you'll receive as a workshop attendee is $3,091. ($8,585 for the “How to Walk the Showroom Floor” Mentorship).

But you're not going to pay close to that much for either option...

The Attendees Of This Live Workshop Each Paid $997 To Attend In Person…

But You’re Not Going To Have To Pay Anywhere Near That Amount…

You Get All The Exact Same Training That They Got, But You’re Only Going To Pay Less Than A HALF Of What They Paid…

You Get The Full Recordings Of The Entire 2 Day Workshop, Plus All The Bonuses, For Just One Small Payment Of $497

Just think about how costly it could be if you DON’T get the kind of education these trainings offer…

Just one or two poorly chosen orders can be financially devastating as your capital gets tied up in dead beat products...

And unfortunately, it happens... to those who don't have the knowledge they need to make fully informed buying decisions.

The good news is... you can avoid these hazards... and discover how to work with wholesalers and make smart, profitable buying decisions among all the products available at tradeshows...

For this reason, I urge you not to shortchange your e-commerce education... especially, at the very time you are ramping up your FBA Business.

Instead, get the peace of mind that comes with being prepared... by getting your hands on a copy of these recordings.

What Attendee's Have Said...

Josie Shepard is truly a wealth of knowledge.
Jay Powell
The Sourcing Intensive Workshop was everything I was anticipating and more! I feel like so much was “de-mystified.” of that makes sense. Josie and Brian took, what was for me, a pretty intimidating arena and made it seem very doable. I know I am just scratching the surface of what is available to do with Amazon, but the fear factor is gone. Plus I got to meet some incredible like-minded friends.
Karen Olsen
Excellent presentation... Kudos Josie!
Marcella Hull
It was absolutely wonderful training, presented in a very understandable manner.
Rich Martin
Thank you Josie Shepard and Brian Cummings for two full days of over the top training and tools.
Sharon Irwin
Reflecting back on our weekend. What an incredible time. Learned so much and met many wonderful people that will go home and crush their business!!!
Cher Bartlett
Thank you, Josie! One of the few people I listen to and believe 100% of the time.
Randy Boyd

I look forward to meeting you in the course!

Ann Sieg
Ann Sieg

P.S. Special Fast Response Bonus: If you order right now, I will supply you with an additional training via recorded webinar. It 's called, “Keywords: Amazon's Secret to Faster Sales and Increased Profits.” Through this webinar, you'll get a 'behind the scenes' look at how you can best position your products to be found and purchased on Amazon .

Here's a little taste of what's inside this training:

  • Keywords 101: What is a keyword, anyway?
  • Why understanding how to research and use keywords the right way is essential
  • How to know if your product has enough customer demand to be successful
  • How to discover the BEST keywords for your Amazon listing
  • How to get into the mind of your ideal customer and know what they are thinking – allowing you to discover potent Keywords
  • Using keywords for your own Amazon Sponsored Ad campaign
  • PLUS... an Introduction to Amazon's FREE Keyword tool that gives you Real Time analysis of the most popular and effective Keywords for YOUR listings

This training alone could easily be sold on its own for a couple hundred dollars or more... but it's free when you make your purchase right now.

P. P. S. - We've been so encouraged to see how many of our students are finally fulfilling their dreams through their own Amazon business. If you know in your heart that building an Amazon business is the way for you to fulfill your own dreams, don't miss this opportunity to learn all you need to succeed!

We pride ourselves on being a high touch high help community which has been foundational to helping our members get amazing results. So if you have some last minute questions you absolutely must get answered please send in an email to our customer care team at support@renegadesupport.com. We've got a world class customer care team that will service your needs and questions.

And if you just really feel you need to talk to someone one-on-one to get the more personal feedback on your business and if our Trade Show Sourcing Workshop Recordings are right for you then feel free to email our head coach Curt Johnson at curt@8020marketinginc.com. We look forward to servicing you in your Amazon business and meeting you at one of our future workshops!